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Whorrey Potter

Whorrey Potter


This is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. "Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls" is the first ever 3D Gay Porn Feature Film. It was shot in Budapest, Stockholm, London, New York and Fire Island. The DVD is a 2-DVD set, one in 3D and one in 2D, and comes with two free pairs of 3D Glasses. This movie features floating cocks (thanks to the Invisibility Cloak), an amazing threesome, and Double Penetration while all three leads are floating in the air, and really hot sex between all the cast members. The visuals are truly stunning, and most of the action takes place in an amazing castle! This is a must have. It's great for parties, hot by yourself, and is the perfect gift for any collector.

The cast of this movie is:

  • Matthew Rush as Voldemorecock
  • Luke Marcum as Whorrey Potter
  • Eddie Diaz as Ron Weasy
  • Cameron Adams as Himmione Grainghim
  • Robert Van Damme as The Guard
  • Mimi Imfurst as Fag Hagrid
  • Daniel Nardicio as The Clerk
Dreaming of a better place than the closet in which he lives, Whorrey Potter imagines himself in a nice house, and in a nice bed. Of course, what does he do in that nice bed? He strokes his big cock under he shoots a huge load all over his chest.
Voldemorecock and Whorrey Potter
Once Whorrey gets the Sorcerer's Balls, Professor Queerel (Ryan Raz) is magically (and hysterically) transformed into the evil Voldemorecock (Matthew Rush). In an attempt to immobilize him, Whorrey administers the ""Erectus"" spell but accidentally points only at Voldemorecock's penis. Voldemorecock then administers the powerful ""Succulus Coccus"" spelll, and Whorrey has no control over what happens next: a scorching hot sex scene between legendary Matthew Rush newcomer Luke Marcum. Voldemorecock fucks Whorrey every which way, and Whorrey cums while Voldemorecock is inside him.
Voldemorecock and Ron Weasy
Always on the hunt for more cock, Voldemorecock sees the Guard (Robert Van Damme) sucking a cock that is floating in the air. It's Ron Weasy's cock, and Ron is in the Invisibility Cloak, exposing only his cock. Wanting it, Voldemorecock (Matthew Rush) claims the cock for himself. He and Ron (Eddie Diaz) have an explosive sex scene that is hot, acrobatic and full of chiseled muscle bodies doing what they do best.
The Guard and Himmione Grainghim
After sitting on a dildo that is magically floating in the air over a fire pit (in order to keep a magic door open for Whorrey), Himmione (Cameron Adams) is really horny, and need to get fucked by something better than a dildo. He enlists the help of the Guard (Robert Van Damme) and gets his wish. He gets fucked like there is no tomorrow by industry giant Robert Van Damme. It's a wild sexcapade culminating in two huge cumshots.
Whorrey Potter, Himmione Grainghim, Ron Weasy 3-way
Once all the drama (and comedy) of the movie is over, the 3 best friends (played by Luke Marcum, Cameron Adams and Eddie Diaz) have fun with two more spells Himmione has used. ""Garmentus Begonus"" magically removes the trio's clothing. And, in a gay porn first, ""Menagus Levitatis,"" magically floats the three high into the air, where they have the industry's first Menage a trois while floating in the air. It's magical and hot! "

3D Note: Some users with Active 3D (shutter glasses) experience ghosting with the Blu-Rays. Users with passive 3D systems (polarized glasses) are not experiencing this.