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Silence of the Cams, Part II - Streaming

Silence of the Cams, Part II - Streaming


NOTE: This product is for streaming of the movie on SilenceOfTheCams.com. If you are looking for DVDs or Blu-Rays, they are here: Part I and Part II.


To watch SILENCE, Part II instantly, do the following:


1. Purchase this product and make a note of your ORDER NUMBER and remember what email address you used when checking out.

2. Go to SilenceOfTheCams.com and click on "WATCH INSTANTLY."

3. Enter your order number and email address and you will be given instant streaming access to the movie for 30 days.


To stream Part I, click here.



A serial killer is on the loose. If he logs into your live webcam, you are already dead. Who is this mystery man? Only Clarice (Trenton Ducati) can solve the case, but he can't do it alone. He relies on the wisdom of prisoner Hannibel Lector (Tate Ryder) to lead him to the clues to solve this mystery. But can he solve the case and find the "cam killer" before more people die?

This is the movie everyone will be talking about. It has an all-star cast and a total of 10 sex scenes. The movie is divided into 2 parts.

PART II features: Trenton Ducati, Topher DiMaggio, Bryce Evans, Angel Rock, Jake Genesis, Tate Ryder, Jesse Colter, Seth Knight.