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Fire Island Staff House: Volume 2

Fire Island Staff House: Volume 2


Dominic Ford returns to Fire Island to explore the crazy sex lives of the amazingly hot bar staff, who all live in a slutty staff house.  Wherever these ripped guys are, they fuck – outside, inside, and even in the hot tub – and boy are they hot!


Scene 1 - Brandon Moore and JD Phoenix

In this opening Scene of Fire Island Staff House: Volume II, Brandon Moore shows us just how dirty he is. When all the guests bedrooms are empty, he sneaks in and plays with sex toys on their unmade beds! This week, however, JD Phoenix unexpectedly arrives a day early and surprised Brandon while Brandon has a dildo in his ass on JD's bed! JD joins in and double penetrates Brandon with the dildo and his huge cock, and the action goes from there. JD tops Brandon in a ton of position and cums all over him!


Scene 2 - JD Phoenix Tops Marcus Ruhl

In this scene shot in the hot tub, JD takes great pleasure pounding the much larger and meatier Marcus Ruhl. Marcus is a fantastic bottom, with a beefy, round ass that can take JD's hard pounding.  They put the hot in 'hot tub'!


Scene 3 - Valentin Petrov and Gavin Waters

In Gavin Waters' final scene before he retired, he wanted to go out on top. Well, on top of a huge cock, that is. And they don't get much bigger than Russian porn star Valentin Petrov. In this scene, the two have hardcore action outside by the pool. Valentin pounds Gavin all the way into retirement.


Scene 4 - Hans Berlin and James Key

In this scene,James Key shows Hans Berlin around the house. Hans decides to take a shower in the outdoor shower, and soon James joins him. Their two huge cocks are rock hard as they go at it in and outside of the house. James shows just what a flexible bottom he is, and the two get into some very hot positions. James has an EPIC cumshot while getting fucked by Hans. This scene is amazingly hot!


Scene 5 - Riley Tranner and Brandon Moore

It's finally here! Riley Tanner, Dominic Ford's brand new exclusive model, in his FIRST sex scene ever! In this hot scene, the finale to the Fire Island Staff House series, Brandon claims his last conquest: getting fucked by Riley's huge cock! What's more, Brandon filmed some of the footage underwater with his GoPro. This scene is hot and the perfect way to close out this amazing summer DVD!