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Sweatbox is a collection of five hardcore sex scenes filmed in a raunchy sex club.  These scenes are intense and hot, featuring: double penetration, sling fucking, steamy sauna sex, two muscle filled three ways, cum eating, and facials.  These guys are clearly at the sex club to fuck hard like real men.


Scene 1 - Jeremy Stevens Fucks Bryce Evans

This scene, the first in the series, begins at Sweatbox, a sex club, and shows a number of guys coming in for a fun night. Bryce Evans is the counter boy giving everyone towels. Soon, though, his eyes begin to wander and he finds himself exploring the dark rooms of the sex club seeing what is happening. He comes across a lot of people and finally decides to suck of the huge cock that is coming out of the glory hole. An intense sex scene follows in the foggy darkness of the club. Who belongs to that cock? It's Jeremy Stevens, who fucks Bryce in the center of the club on a stage. What other scenes will Bryce find along his journey? Who else is in the club? This story has only yet begun.


Scene 2 - Tate Ryder and Sean Duran

In this scene, we find Sean Duran waiting eagerly in a sling for someone to come and pound him. Tate Ryder is up to the task, and fucks Sean in every way imaginable, and many ways that are unimaginable, on the sling. Sean, who was a contestant in our reality show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK, proved on that show that he was very gymnastic when it came to climbing all over the set. The sling is a perfect playground for Sean and Tate, who try to outdo each other in how creatively they can climb up and around the sling.


Scene 3 - Cooper Reed Fucks Bryce Evans

In the 3rd scene of our steamy "Sweatbox" series, we find a new patron entering the bath house. Cooper Reed, handsome, ripped and hung, starts jerking off on the doctor's table, which is in the middle of the bath house. Soon, Bryce Evans comes by and lurks for a while. Before long he's blowing Cooper's huge uncut cock and then begs Cooper to fuck him. The scene is available in 2D and 3D, and Sweatbox is THE not-be-missed series this year.


Scene 4 - Threesome - Jeremy Stevens, Cooper Reed, and Shane Jacobs

In this threesome, Jeremy Stevens finds Shane Jacobs in the sex club. They start kissing and sucking each other. But in the darkness Cooper Reed is lurking, watching and wishing he could be part of the action. Soon enough he is, and Shane is taking both cocks in his mouth. The boys throw Shane into a sling and fuck him from every angle possible until they all cum all over each other. 


Scene 5 - 2X Double Penetration - Sean Duran, Jeremy Stevens, and Tate Ryder

In this scene, Tate Ryder, Jeremy Stevens and Sean Duran have an intense three-way. After meeting in the locker room of the sex club, Sean, Tate and Jeremy start combining their bodies in every way imaginable. First, Sean gets double penetrated. Then the action moves to the steam room and Tate gets double penetrated! The scene ends in three facials!