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Power Fuck

Power Fuck


Power Fuck has 6 amazing scenes, featuring some of the sexiest guys in porn today. The DVD includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses so that you can watch all of the scenes in mind-blowing 3D.  Or choose to watch the scenes in normal 2D, if you'd rather skip the 3D.  It's up to you with this amazing release from Dominic Ford.

Scene 1 - Rod Daily & Parker London

Rod Daily is one of the hottest guys around, and I've been wanting to work with him for a very long time. We were fortunate to get him and uber-hottie Parker London in the same room together and let the sparks fly. We weren't even sure who was going to top and who was going to bottom. You'll have to watch to find out!

Scene 2 - Spencer Reed & Colby Keller

In this scorching hot scene, uber-stud Spencer Reed gets down and dirty with hottie Colby Keller. Colby gets really vocal as Spencer fucks him mercilessly.

Scene 3 - Topher DiMaggio & Cameron Marshall

Well, when we got to Austin, we uncovered a new development. We were going to film Topher DiMaggio again (he's SO hot), and he told us he recently started seeing Cameron Marshall. We leapt at the opportunity to film actual boyfriends for the site.  Hot sex plus real passion. That's what you'll see in this video. It's hot fucking, for sure, but you can clearly see the love and consideration they have for each other. It's really cute, and will make you come really hard!

Scene 4 - John Magnum & Phillip Aubrey

What a perfect pairing. John and Phillip look great together, and their sexual chemistry is amazing. When a hungry top and a hungry bottom get together, there is only one certainly: someone's getting fed, and fed hard. This scene is non-stop sex. Both John and Phillip have amazing bodies and watching them explore each other's every inch in this scene is incredible!

Scene 5 - Devon Hunter & Rusty Stevens

When Devon Hunter and Rusty Stevens got together for this scene, the chemistry was instant and amazing. The are both beautiful men. Rusty is masculine and hairy and Devon is sweet, hot, and hung! Just when you think Rusty is going to be the top, Devon gets aggressive and turns the scene around. They are really into each other, and it shows in this awesome scene!

Scene 6 - Dayton O'Conner & Shane Frost

I let Dayton O'Connor sleep over my apartment in San Diego while we were there for Gay Pride. I thought it would be funny to invite Shane Frost over to wake him up. I'm not really sure when during filming Dayton woke up fully, but you can see when he starts to open his eyes, realize what's going on, and start getting into it.  If only all mornings started like this!