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Meatrack: Volume 1

Meatrack: Volume 1


Fire Island is a sexual paradise.  For decades the island has been shrouded with a sexual mystique that no other destination can claim.  In this 2-part series, be a voyeur as today's hottest porn stars indulge their every carnal fantasy.


Scene 1 - Trenton Ducati and Kurt Von Ryder

Four hot guys enter the Meatrack and start fooling around. Two of them, Trenton Ducati and Kurt Von Ryder, take it back to the house and fuck like animals under the Summer sun. This is how summer was meant to be.


Scene 2 - Gavin Waters and Marcus Ruhl

Marcus Ruhl and Gavin Waters get it on in our Fire Island house. This picturesque setting is perfect for these two muscle studs to fuck in the great outdoors. The scene starts with the pair on a huge deck by the pool. They kiss, suck each other's cocks and fuck hard. There is so much lean muscle on these two, it's no wonder the fucking is hard and athletic.


Scene 3 - Russian Cock to Putin JD Phoenix

Russian gay porn star Valentin Petrov seeks asylum in JD Phoenix's ass. And JD is more than happy to accommodate the huge cock comrade. The two fuck outside in Fire Island and get into some pretty athletic positions. It's a wonder JD could even walk after that!


Scene 4 - Kurt Von Ryder and David Lambert Flip Flop

Kurt Von Ryder and David Lambert are working out in a home gym on Fire Island and soon can't keep their hands off each over. The fucking is intense and shows why we need to get to Fire Island more often! 


Scene 5 - Trenton Ducati and Duncan Black

This first scene, from the "Meatrack" series, brings back So You Think You Can Fuck, Season 3 winner Duncan Black. In the scene, Duncan and Trenton Ducati find themselves alone in the Meatrack (the wooded area between Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove). Soon they are blowing each other and Trenton is eating Duncan's ass. The action moves to a summer house where Trenton fucks Duncan in the outdoors, which is something he should be used to at DominicFord.com!